Audio Business

По-долу може да намерите аудио записи на всички 60 интервюта в книгата Interview Play Business.

Mожете да свалите интервютата в удобен за слушане на телефона или в колата mp3 формат:

Interview 1 – In Charge of the Audience

Interview 2 – Goals and Targets

Interview 3 – Focused on Productivity

Interview 4 – Individual Training Plan

Interview 5 – Information Flow

Interview 6 – New Product Development

Interview 7 – Financial Forecast

Interview 8 – Executive Summary

Interview 9 – Reach an Agreement

Interview 10 – Embrace Change

Interview 11 – Brand Identity

Interview 12 – Training Goals

Interview 13 – Bold Vision and Strategic Plan

Interview 14 – Creative and Authentic People

Interview 15 – Vision of the Future

Interview 16 – Vote on Ideas

Interview 17 – Brand Positioning

Interview 18 – Lecture or a Conversation

Interview 19 – Ready for the Negotiations

Interview 20 – Analyse the Whole Landscape

Interview 21 – Schedule Relaxation Time

Interview_22_Clear Policy

Interview_23_Entertaining and Educational

Interview_24_Analytical Skills

Interview_25_Endorse the New Product

Interview_26_Award Winning Products

Interview_27_Interact and Socialize

Interview_28_Precise and Concrete

Interview_29_Loyalty and Commitment

Interview_30_Marathon or a Sprint

Interview_31_Conceptual Phase

Interview_32_Call to Action

Interview_33_Empowering People

Interview_34_An Unforgettable Slogan

Interview_35_The Quality of Your Day

Interview_36_Strengths and Values

Interview_37_Making Introductions

IInterview_38_Mergers and Acquisitions

Interview_39_Project Authority

Interview_40_Language Training

Interview_41_Core Message

Interview_42_Boost Brand Awareness

Interview_43_Register a Trademark

Interview_44_Well-structured Meetings

Interview_45_Target Audience

Interview_46_Original Thinkers

Interview_48_True Writing_Voice

Interview_49_Fresh and_Innovative

Interview_50_Solve Complex_Problems



Interview_53_Clear Instructions

Interview_54_Strategic Decision-making

Interview_55_Challenging Assignments

Interview_56_Elevator Pitch

Interview_57_Development of Leaders

Interview_58_Group Problem-solving Sessions

Interview_59_Fun and Imaginative

Interview_60_Prepared for the Future